Cartridge System 50 fast set

Product details

High hydrophilic two phase impression material for individual trays and as a precision impression material for crowns, bridges and frames. It is a low viscosity impression material based on addition curing vinyl silicone delivered in automix-cartridges. It can be extruded directly onto the teeth or the tray. PoloDent Cartridge System 50 shows high hydrophilic properties. Therefore it improves the wettability and yields an exact reproduction of subgingival areas and other moist surfaces. PoloDent Cartridge System 50 is thixotropic, which means it stays in position in the tray, but under pressure it flows. It meets the requirements of ISO 4823 (2000).

Cartridge System 50 Light Body fast set 11 10 20
contains: 2x 50 ml, including 12 mixing tips

Cartridge System 50 Medium Body fast set 11 10 25
contains: 2x 50 ml, including 12 mixing tips

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