Dental Dam

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Dental Dam isolates specific areas in the mouth during treatments. It reduces infections, improves visibility, keeps the working area clean, and improves the patient’s experience.

PoloDent Dental Dam is available in 2 materials: Latex and non-latex (synthetic rubber).

The formulations for both materials are optimised to give high tear resistance and the right elastomeric properties. They are also produced using FDA approved ingredients.

Low protein latex is used to minimise any risk of sensitivity. Our latex free dams use a specially synthesised version of the natural rubber molecule to closely match the physical properties of natural rubber with no proteins.

Available in:
•  medium (0,23 mm)
•  heavy (0,28 mm)

Dental Dam Blue 6″x6″, non-latex
20 pieces 34 39 00 – medium 34 39 05 – heavy

Dental Dam Green 6″x6″, latex
36 pieces 34 39 10 – medium 34 39 15 – heavy

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