Disposable Instrument Trays

Product details

Yellow Point Instrument Trays are useful to save time from sterilizing and disinfecting the metal trays. The interior is ideal for, for example, aluminum inserts and your stainless steel instruments.
The trays fit exactly on stainless steel and aluminum standard trays. After the treatment, the trays can simply be thrown away. The material is environmentally friendly and is completely degradable.

The size of the Disposable Instrument Trays is 28 x 18 cm and they are available in 7 colors!

Disposable Instrument Trays, 400 pieces
art.no. 45 17 50 – white
art.no. 45 17 51 – yellow
art.no. 45 17 52 – green
art.no. 45 17 53 – light blue
art.no. 45 17 54 – dark blue
art.no. 45 17 58 – lavender
art.no. 45 17 59 – orange

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