Face Masks Anti-Fog with face shield

Product details

Yellow Point Face Masks Anti-Fog with Face Shield are latex-free. They are designed for for spectacle wearers. The shield helps the glasses from fogging too quick.

  • Type as per EN 14683 : 2005.
  • Class IIR.
  • Splash resistant inner and outer layer.
    Splash resistance ≥120 mm Hg
  • BFE ≥98%
  • ΔP < 49 Pa
  • Easy breathability.
  • Material inner layer: non woven inner layer.

Mouth Masks Anti-Fog, 25 pieces
art.no. 44 19 70 – green
art.no. 44 19 75 – blue
art.no. 44 19 80 – pink

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