Glassix +Plus Fiber posts intro kit

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Glassix +Plus Fiber Posts
PoloDent Glassix +Plus is the latest generation of highly radiopaque and light transmitting fiber posts. Anatomically shaped to fit the root canal (cylindro-conical) with a colour coding for easy identification and mechanical retentions they come in different sizes.

Indication: For corono-radicular reconstructions.

  • Optimal radiopacity (350% Al.).
  • Light conducting for the use of dual curing resin cements.
  • Anatomically shaped with a helicoïdal structure – twisted groves – that gives mechanical retention without any breakage points.
  • Elasticity close to natural dentine (20 Gpa).
  • Enhanced mechanical properties (1500 Mpa).
  • Aesthetic thanks to its translucent matrix.
  • 100% biocompatible – epoxy free.

Radiopaque & light transmitting fiber posts 24 00
– 5 fiber posts no.1 Ø1,2 – 0,6 + reamer
– 5 fiber posts no.2 Ø1,5 – 0,8 + reamer
– 5 fiber posts no.3 Ø1,8 – 0,9 + reamer
– 5 fiber posts no.4 Ø2,0 – 1,0 + reamer
– 1 pilot reamer

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