Glassix +Plus reamers

Product details

The PoloDent Glassix +Plus reamer is used for pre-drilling to be able to place the PoloDent Glassix +Plus Fiber post immediately.

Glassix +Plus reamers, 10 pieces 69 24 50 – no.1 ø1,2 – 0,6 mm 69 24 55 – no.2 ø1,5 – 0,8 mm 69 24 60 – no.3 ø1,8 – 0,9 mm 69 24 65 – no.4 ø2,0 – 1,0 mm

Glassix +Plus the latest generation of highly radiopaque (350% Al.) and light conducting (≥ 5mW) fiber post. Thanks to its helicoidal structure – twisted grooves – Glassix +Plus is the only fiber post that gives mechanical retentions without any points of breakage. Glassix +Plus comes in 4 different sizes.

Indications for use: In case of insufficient residual tooth substance a Glassix +Plus is needed to support the coronal restoration.

Step by step: Select the correct post size according to anatomical situation. Remove the root filling using the Glassix +Plus pilot reamer (rotation speed 800-
1200 rpm).Calibrate the root canal using the corresponding Glassix +Plus reamer (rotation speed 1000-2000 rpm). Check post for fit, trim it if needed and clean it with alcohol. Apply etchant, primer, bonding according to manufacturer’s instructions or recommended self-etch bonding system with micro applicator. Apply the
composite cement in the root canal and on the post, insert post into root canal and light cure. Directly start core built up using a composite core built up material.

Recommendation: PoloDent recommends disinfection of the rotary instruments using appropriate cleaning agent and sterilization in autoclave (134°C) before each
use. Rubber dam is recommended whenever possible.

Safety and liability: PoloDent declines any liability for possible damage due to:
• Use of instruments not compatible with the system
• Non observation of the instructions for use
• Usage outside of the field of application stated in the instructions for use

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