LC Flowfill Syringe

Product details

PoloDent LC Flowfill is a visible light cure easy flowable microhybrid composite for anterior and selected posterior restorations and for sealing.

Features & Benefits:
• Easy application consistency
• Good radiopacity
• Good physical properties and abrasion resistance
• High gloss polishability and excellent color stability
• Convenient working
• Improved postoperative diagnosis
• Lasting restorations
• Permanent esthetic restorations

• Restorations class III, IV, V
• Small class I and II restorations
• Lining of cavities
• Sealings

LC Flowfill is based on methacrylate-resin and inorganic filler particles of 0.05-1 μm. The total filler load is 62% and the total filler volume 47%. The composite material meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 4049.

Also available: Flow Dispensing Tips (50 pcs.)


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