PoloJect XT injection needles

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Professional, high quality disposable needles made in Europe!

The assortment of the PoloDent PoloJect XT Needles consists of 4 lengths, so you have access to the right needle for each application.

PoloJect XT injection needles are extra thin, sterile dental needles. The thin wall makes it easier to penetrate, as a result of a strongly reduced tissue trauma. The needles are manufactured out of strong stainless steel, whereby the risk of breaking is minimized.

  • With a triple sharpened point treated to get an anti-coring effect.
  • With hub indicating the direction of the point.
  • Treated with polymerizing silicone that makes the penetration easier.
  • With safety cap and protector joined in a welded point that guarantees the sterility of the needle to the end user.
  • Produced in an air-conditioned room where the air is also filtered by absolute filters.
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation according to the regulations in force.

Every single needle is automatically checked for point integrity, length, inner free lumen and the presence of glue.


PoloJect XT, 100 pieces
art.no. 21 10 05 – 27G long 36×0,4 mm (grey)
art.no. 21 10 10 – 27G short 25×0,4 mm (grey)
art.no. 21 10 15 – 30G short 21×0,3 mm (yellow)
art.no. 21 10 20 – 30G x-short 12×0,3 mm (yellow)

Instructions For Use (PDF)
211005-211020 IFU – PoloJect XT

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