PoloTemp Automix

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PoloTemp Automix temporary crown & bridge material
PoloTemp Automix is an automatically mixed two component material in cartridges based on multifunctional methacrylic esters. PoloTemp Automix is a very easy and comfortable material for creating short- and long-term temporary crowns or bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers.
Because of it‘s flexibility, the material is especially suitable for longer bridge spans. PoloTemp Automix shows fluorescence similar to the natural tooth. PoloTemp Automix is free of methyl methacrylate.


  • high fracture resistance
  • methylmethacrylate free
  • low temperature increase during setting
  • natural fluorescence
  • easy to trim and polish
  • easy automix application



  • reliable
  • for crowns and bridges
  • no irritations
  • natural esthetics
  • easy handling


PoloTemp Automix, 50 g
art.no. 62 00 45 – A1
art.no. 62 00 50 – A2
art.no. 62 00 55 – A3
art.no. 62 00 60 – A3,5
art.no. 62 00 65 – A4

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