Probiotic Suction Cleaner

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PoloDent Probiotic Suction Cleaner is a concentrated and intensive working probiotic cleaning liquid for saliva suction installations, amalgamseparators and sinks in dental practices. Removes efficiently all pollutions and keeps the reservoir and tubes clear. Prohibits the formation of biofilm and reduces the risk on harmful germs in the installation. Prohibits the formation of unpleasant smells. It has a long lasting effect and is completely biodegradable. 83 00 40
contains: 2,5 L

Why PoloDent Probiotic Cleaner?
PoloDent Probiotic products provide a stimulation of good probiotics instead of killing and attacking microbes. In this way they restore the balance of microflora and reduce the risk of infections in your practice.

No harmful medicals
If these beneficial probiotics are used for cleaning they will eliminate all remaining dirt on a surface and install a healthy microflora. This reduces the risk of presence and proliferation of microbes and allergens. Since with this technique the microbes are not attacked directly, they will not build up any resistance. Further benefits are durability and safety because no harmful chemicals are used.

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