Sterilization Reels

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Sterilization reels are perfectly fitting in the PoloDent Thermal Sealer with reel holder.

With this system you can determine the length of your sterilization bags yourself.

Sterilisation Reel, per piece 84 19 60 – 50 mm x 200 m 84 19 65 – 75 mm x 200 m 84 19 70 – 100 mm x 200 m 84 19 75 – 150 mm x 200 m 84 19 80 – 200 mm x 200 m

The reels are indicated with indicators. They are designed for use in steam, ethylene oxide and chemical sterilization systems. 

Please refer to the manual of the thermal sealer that will be used. For example, the instructions underneath are taken from the PoloDent Thermal Sealer manual (only for steam sterilization).

Making bags from a roll of foil

  1. Place a roll of foil on the spindle and clamp this between two foil guides so that the roll will stay in place. Make sure that the transparent side will be facing up during the sealing process.
  2. Slide the cutter to the left.
  3. Guide the foil from the rear of the machine underneath the seal bar.
  4. Pull on the foil until it has reached the desired length. The length can be measured on the work table.
  5. Lower the seal bar by pushing the operating lever forwards.The foil will now be sealed. After 4 seconds the machine will emit a sound signal showing that the sealing process has been completed.
  6. Cut the foil by sliding the cutter to the other side of the machine.
  7. Raise the seal bar by pulling back the operating lever.
  8. Remove the bag from the work table. The bag can now be filled and subsequently sealed.


Trouble shooting – If the indicators do not change color:

  • Check temperature of the autoclave during the operating cycle.
  • Excess humidity can be checked by detecting water stains, wrinkles and ink bleeds on the pouches when they are removed from the sterilization unit.
  • When the stacking of several pouches per cycle is necessary, it’s recommended to stack them loosely.

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