Suction Cleaning & Disinfection

Product details

PoloDent Suction Disinfection for the daily cleaning and maintenance of dental aspirator systems. Can be used on wet line, dry line and semi wet/dry line suction systems.

Effective spectrum:
Bactericidal (15 mins) including Salmonella typhimurium, Legionella pneumophila. Yeasticidal (15 mins). Hepatitis B virus (15 mins), Hepatitis C virus (15 mins), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (15 mins). Tuberculocidal (60 mins). Fungicidal (30 mins).

Tested to: EN14885, EN14476, EN14348, EN13727, EN13697, EN13624, ASTM E1052. 83 00 30
contains: 2,5 L

Add 20 ml ± 1 ml of concentrate to 980 ml warm water (2% solution). Aspirate via the high and low volume suction tubes. Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes (to achieve full efficacy leave for 60 minutes) and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. For professional use only.

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