Ultrasonic Cleaner

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PoloDent Ultrasonic Cleaner is enzyme based for the pre-cleaning and decontamination of inanimate, non-porous surfaces of hand instruments and forceps, rotary instruments, mirrors etc. Designed for use in the ultrasonic bath. Specially formulated for use in the medical & dental environment. Not recommended for plastics and rubbers. 

art.no. 83 00 07
contains: 2,5 L

Add 30 ml ±1 ml of the concentrate to 970 ml of tap water in the ultrasonic bath (3% solution). Immerse the instruments  ensuring that all surfaces are covered by the solution, add hollow objects in such a way that air escapes. Run the ultrasonic
cleaner for a minimum of 15 minutes and according to the manufacturers instructions. After immersion, remove the instruments and rinse them thoroughly prior to terminal sterilization or high level disinfection. Prepare a fresh solution daily or sooner if solution is very dirty. For professional use only.

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